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We need a shower...badly!

Back to ‘civilization’

Hallelujah! After days of being rattled, jolted and shaken, in danger of running out of fuel, nearly getting washed of the road in a storm, and having another flat tyre, we’ve finally made it to Laverton, then Leonora and now Leinster where we got the car serviced. They had to tighten every single bolt in […]

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8-4We swagged it here last night

The Great Central Highway

Hard to believe, but yes, it IS called a highway! Dusty, corrugated, rattling us to the bone non-stop. But also very beautiful. We made it to Docker River hoping to fuel up but no such luck. The petrol station was closed due to a funeral… So we pushed on, with the promise of fuel in […]

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On the road again… Yay!

Thanks to Russ Driver, the terrific mechanic in Alice Springs, the old girl is running well again (fingers crossed – don’t wanna jinx it!). After giving the talk in Alice Springs for the Chamber of Commerce there, and raising some more funds for the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute, we took off again to make […]

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What an Easter it’s been!

Well! Well! Well! Might be easier to tell you what DIDN’T happen since my last post. After we left Quilpie, we only just made it to Windorah because we forgot to factor in that it was Easter and therefore the few service stations that are to be found here were all closed. So we had […]

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