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Where Do I Go From Here?

I was in the local gaol last night. I’ve been going into gaols for over 20 years. I just sit around and talk to a few inmates. The main thing I do is listen. Last night there was a young fellow due out today. He was quite anxious. He had gotten quite comfortable in gaol, […]

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BREAD Workshop

I’ve just done a bread workshop in Airlie Beach, put on by Tourism Queensland. It was for the Smile Whitsundays campaign. People say to me: “What’s a baker know about tourism?” Or selling medical equipment, or real estate? I believe the basic fundamentals of business don’t vary that much. My business, like everyone else’s, is […]

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Clean Bill of Health

I’m always getting asked why I’m not big. Big meaning fat. I do love bakery food. I really love cakes. But I’m fairly disciplined. Some of my family members have weight issues, and they’re not in the baking game, but I keep my mouth shut. Still, it’s a bit of a worry. (more…)

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Incredible Bargains

In the last four weeks I’ve visited many places: Sydney, Melbourne, Strathfield, Kyneton, Daylesford. But where the great bargains are to be had is Queensland. They are really hurting up there. Between the strong dollar, Cyclone Yasi, and the uncertainty of our economy, people just aren’t traveling to Queensland enough right now. But all along […]

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